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Anicca Health

Amit Man

is dedicated to

Her story touched my heart - beautiful, gifted, and dedicated. I am also a performer - dance - and appreciated the pieces of theater and singing that were shown in stories about her.

Anicca Health

Amit Man

Amit Man






Circumstances of death:

Murdered while treating patients at the Be'eri clinic

Amit is an inspiration of dedication of one's life for the benefit of others, even at the face of death. Amit could have been anywhere on that terrible day, but she chose to be in the clinic, helping the wounded under fire.

Besides volunteering at Magen David Adom, Amit was a gifted singer and theater performer.

Anicca Health

Anicca is dedicated to help individuals and organizations reduce their overall stress levels through enabling breathing and mindfulness.

Anicca built a clip-like wearable device that recognizes the wearer's exact breathing and reflects it as pleasant vibrations. The vibrations synced with the breathing act as a neuromodulator, synchronizing the brain and bringing it into a calm state.

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