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Avshalom Haran

is dedicated to

Unfortunately, I did not know Avshalom personally. I know his son Yuval and his wife Shushan.
Yuval is a close friend of mine and Shushan leads an international volunteer organization called Fair Planet. I volunteered in the organization for three months in Ethiopia, where I met Shushan many times. I visited her house in Bee'ri.
The inspiration for founding my startup came during my volunteering in Ethiopia.


Avshalom Haran

Avshalom Haran






Circumstances of death:

Murdered in Beeri

Avshalom was an amazing person, father and grandfather.
He had a big heart and he contributed a lot to his community.
He served until 2018 as the CEO of the kibbutzim farms.


As consumers, we use plastic packaging every day, and the need for packaging isn’t going away. In fact, plastic consumption has quadrupled over the past 30 years, driven by growth in emerging markets and its remarkable ability to extend shelf life. However, the current production of plastic packaging gives rise to a set of well-documented problems.
Three issues are particularly noteworthy: (1) its significant contribution to waste and pollution, (2) its impact on our health, and (3) its threat to our oceans and wildlife.
At MadeRight, our mission is to revolutionize plastic for our customers, offering a comprehensive solution seamlessly integrated into the existing supply chain. We provide the packaging industry with what it lacks—performance hand in hand with sustainability—enabling our customers to maximize the value of their products while achieving both their sustainability and financial goals.

MadeRight's product is a natural additive derived from fungi, enhancing plastic performance and providing a sustainable solution for its production, use, and re-use. In the production phase, MadeRight materials utilize fungal biomass sourced from renewable organic waste, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and energy-intensive processes and ultimately decreasing carbon emissions.

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