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The Dust Project

Ayelet Gudard

is dedicated to

The dust project combines a wide range of educational and research fields into an action that is accessible to a broad multi-age and global public. Ayelet dedicated her life to education and chose to live in a place that engraves on its flag coexistence and faith in humans regardless of race, religion, and gender. I found the principles of the project suitable for her values, and it is a privilege to preserve her faith through it.

The Dust Project

Ayelet Gudard

Ayelet Gudard





kibbutz Be'eri

Circumstances of death:

Murdered by terrorists at kibbutz Be'eri

Ayelet was involved in the management of collective education in Shaar HaNegev. She was a treasure trove of endless knowledge about education.
A woman who is an institution in herself and an inspiration to everyone who is involved in the field. Fascinating, overwhelming, smart and sensitive.

The Dust Project

‍The Dust Project is an educational impact start-up.

Is to enable people from all over the world to make history, send their stories to the future, and participate in a long-term and multi-generational act of curiosity and hope.

Is to preserve stories about people through their household dust and leave a tangible record of everyday life on Earth for future generations or extraterrestrial consciousnesses to find.

Incorporates context and material familiar and accessible in the global human experience: Home and Dust. Most of humanity experiences these two elements daily.

It is formulated as an advanced digital educational campaign with audience engagement strategies accessible to multi-age, multi-lingual, and multi-disciplinary communities.

Its technological platform was designed to initiate an active community network for additional projects that allow a diverse global audience to get involved and influence the future.

The Dust Project was articulated by a group of entrepreneurs operating as a decentralized autonomous organization called “WHY.

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