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Elhanan Kalmanson

is dedicated to

For many years, I have known Elhanan and his rare family, who are very special people, many of whom gave their lives in defense of their country. I regret not being like Elhanan and just running with my car to rescue on 7.10 like he did.

Leminad AI

Elhanan Kalmanson

Elhanan Kalmanson







Circumstances of death:

Fell at the battle of Kibbutz Be’eri.

After terrorists invaded Kibbutz Be’eri on the morning of October 7, 2023, three family members from Otniel in Samara – Capt. (res.) Elhanan Kalmanson, his brother Menahem Kalmanson and their nephew Itiel – drove to the south to rescue the members of the kibbutz from the inferno. The found a military armored vehicle abandoned by the side of the road and with it, rescued dozens of men, women, children and elderly people under enemy fire. They moved moving them to a secured location, returning to the kibbutz multiple times to save more lives. After more than 14 hours of intense and relentless rescue efforts, Elhanan Kalmanson was shot by a terrorist hiding inside a house and later succumbed to his woundsWhere help is needed. 

Words in his memory:
Where dedication is needed. Where someone with command ability and methodical and analytical thinking is needed. Where supreme bravery is needed, where there are not enough people - Elhanan will be there. He won't talk much, and it's not at all clear if he'll smile and if you sway too much, he'll make an appointment with you for two and a half years at night, between two thirty and twenty five to three ...but on the other hand, he'll be the person who wants to be by your side.

Leminad AI

As an AI specialist and ex-8200 staff, Leminda was requested by several government ministries to address the issue of fake news. We're developing an AI platform to automatically authenticate online content and combat misinformation, including scanning social networks. Our solution is now employed by various government ministries

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