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Eli Ginsberg

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Roei Yonai who serves as an Advisory board at plan2plant is Eli's childhood best friend. they were both born in kibutz Misgav am and are the two only boys in the class of 81.


Eli Ginsberg

Eli Ginsberg




Sgan Aluf


Kibbutz Dovrat

Circumstances of death:

Fell as part of the comando rescure forces in Beeri

Eli Ginsberg was an Israeli lieutenant colonel who commanded the LOTAR special forces counterterrorism unit of the Israeli Defense Forces from 2020 to 2023. Two weeks after his retirement from the military, Ginsberg was killed in action during the 2023 Hamas attack on Israel on 8 October. After hearing of the initial incursion by Hamas, Gisnberg drove from Dovrat, the kibbutz in northern Israel where he lived with his wife and four children, to participate in the Battle of Be'eri.

During his IDF career, Ginsberg was an officer in the Israeli Navy's Shayetet 13 special operations unit and was wounded during the Gaza flotilla raid in 2010.

Ginsberg had resided with his family in Dovrat since 2015 and served as the kibbutz's security coordinator



Plan2Plant (P2P) is a data-driven agri-tech company providing environmental profiles, high resolution crop feasibility reports, . Catering to agri-businesses, farmers, and consultants, P2P’s platform stands out for its use of algorithm-based environmental and financial models, relying on stable data over real-time field data collection. This approach enhances service scalability, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness, especially for agri-business applications. P2P differentiates itself by offering smart crop planning and financial feasibility assessments, regularly updating its models based on customer feedback and actual weather conditions. Future enhancements include integrating AI with genetic research to advance its plant science modules. P2P’s commitment to sustainable, market-aligned agricultural solutions positions it as a significant player in the agri-tech sector.

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