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iForm Technologies Ltd.

Erez Mishlovsky

is dedicated to

Erez is the son of my friend

iForm Technologies Ltd.

Erez Mishlovsky

Erez Mishlovsky




Samal Rishon



Circumstances of death:

Fell in the battle of North Gaza

The obituary that A’ayah Mishlovsky gave for her brother Erez at his funeral:

There were six of us in Romania.
We walked through beautiful and green landscapes.
We all spent time before Guy's enlistment, our last trip together.
I remember we were in a place with huge Zip lines in the forest, and you went after Guy and tried to do every Zip line he did to show you could.
Although you had a fear of heights, you proved that you were Erez Mishlovsky, overcoming everything.
There were six of us; five left.
There were four of us at home.
Brothers who did a lot of nonsense and told countless jokes that only we understood, the shotozons, the tattooed gorillas. Everywhere I look in the house, there is a different memory of you. You and Eden sit and watch a movie in the living room, you and Guy sit and talk outside or play chess, mom and dad help you every time organize a bag for the army in your room, me and Noa make you a lot of little cookies in the bath when we were little.
I remember every Friday dinner with you, every picture the four of us used to take at the beginning of every year, and it's hard for me to believe that we won't have any more of these.
We may have more pictures, but we'll never be complete again.
There were four of us; three left.
There were two of us in Sharona.
You took the train with me to Tel Aviv only because I wanted to go to the new Harry Potter’s Pop Up store.
We walked, ate, and talked about everything.
About your plans when you are released from the Army.
Erez, you wanted and were so excited to buy an iPhone 15 and dragged me to a million stores, you wanted to grow a beard and buy a black Lego car that costs NIS 800.
Fly to South America with your friends from high school, and after you will come back, follow grandfather Iser and study Mechanical Engineering.
You asked me about my driving lessons and finally told me, "Come on, tick it off. Get it over before graduation."
You told me how frustrated you were with your time in high school.
"No matter how hard I tried to succeed, it still didn't work for me. But you are so smart. You are not stupid like me. You will succeed with honors."
I promise you here, Erez, I will do my best to make it happen for you and for your faith in me.
There were two of us, and I remained one.
Without you,
I really don't know what I would do without you.
Without my supportive and sensitive brother who was always there by my side.
My cedar, my brother, my hero, my love.
It hurts me so much that we are even in this situation.
In a situation where you are already gone. I don't know how else to explain what an amazing person you were. Funny, brave, and pure kindness.
You always put others before your own needs. Even our last trip together to Saron TLV only happened because you postponed the “Escape room” plans with your friends.
The world does not yet understand the magnitude of your loss.
I myself have not yet digested. It comes in flashes that get longer and longer. When I realize that I will never hear your voice again, calling me from downstairs to come eat, I won't see you again, smile at me with your beautiful dimple, and I won't hug you again. A tight hug that doesn't let go.
The fact that we won't sit down for six for Friday dinner.
The fact that I will never see you fooling around, smiling and laughing with everyone.
God even the fact that we won't see a blue V in the family group because you just won't be there to read the message.
Everything is so scary, painful, and unfamiliar.
And I don't want to say goodbye. How can you say goodbye to a person you've known all your life?
Erez, my soul, I want you to always know and remember that I loved you, I love you, and I will love you forever. May your memory be blessed forever.


iForm Technologies Ltd.

At iForm Technologies, our vision is to revolutionize the construction industry by making industrialized building techniques accessible to contractors of all sizes.

Today, iForm enables any contractor to set up an on-site assembly factory with zero capital investment and reap the proven benefits of prefabrication.

By eliminating barriers to entry, iForm seeks to rapidly transform the global mainstream building sector and upgrade conventional projects with a faster, smarter, and more sustainable approach to delivering buildings.

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