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Atiko Labs Ltd.

Iftah Gorny

is dedicated to

Atiko's commitment to innovation and success mirrors Iftah's dedication, embodying a shared ethos of progress and impact. Iftah was a dear friend and role model to our funding team.

Atiko Labs Ltd.

Iftah Gorny

Iftah Gorny







Circumstances of death:

Fell in the battle of October 7th

In memory of Iftah, who served in "Sayeret Matkal" and "Lotar Eilat". A loving father of three, Iftah, alongside his wife Sivan, realized a dream by founding with few other couples Beer-Milka, a new Moshav in the Negev, where he served as the chairman for the first few years after it was founded.
Beyond his roles as a retired semi-pro basketball player and a successful farmer, Iftah left an indelible mark as a pioneer in the Negev, contributing to its development and founding one of Israel's most prosperous milking barns. His passion extended to coaching basketball for youth and women, reflecting his commitment to community and mentorship.
Iftah approached every endeavor thoughtfully and skillfully, embodying the qualities of a wise consultant and a supportive friend. His willingness to lend a helping hand, coupled with a balanced, calm, and humble demeanor, left a lasting impact on those around him.
In memory of Iftah, and while his legacy lives we decided to dedicate Atiko—an enduring tribute to his remarkable spirit.

Atiko Labs Ltd.

Atiko brings the lab into the field with our state-of-the-art portable optical sensor, designed to detect any material or contamination in samples taken directly from the production line.
Our optical sensor is based on intensity-enhanced nanostructures, for high specificity and selectivity in precise detection. Atiko’s advanced technology allows for high resolution detection with accurate, quantitative results within seconds. Results are sent to a unique/secured/dedicate-cloud database, where they are stored and analyzed. The user will have access to Atiko’s SaaS app where the information is displayed with further analytical tools.
The ability to detect anything, anywhere, anytime can change the game, completely. Production lots in the food & beverage industry can be examined during manufacturing and will not lose valuable shelf life time while waiting for test results. Raw materials can be tested for pesticide residues without quarantine. Usages and applications are endless.
Wherever there’s a need for lab tests, Atiko’s optical sensor. will be the go-to tool for accurate & efficient on-spot results.

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