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Moshe Yedidya Leiter

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We are entrepreneurs from the ultra-Orthodox society who understand the barriers to the high-tech world. The effort and work that Moses brought to integrating ultra-Orthodox individuals into high-tech are very significant.


Moshe Yedidya Leiter

Moshe Yedidya Leiter




Rav Seren


Circumstances of death:

Fell in the battle of North Gaza

Moshe was a "Shladag" warrior who served as an officer for many years, a father of six, fulfilled a dream and started studying medicine at the age of 33. He was killed before the internship at the age of 39. "We have never met anyone in our lives with an explosive spirit like yours. You wanted to be present and relevant everywhere for everyone," one of his best friends eulogized him at his funeral.

Indeed, apart from the family, the army, and studies, there was another place where Leiter was present and relevant, and made a significant change: the "Kodkod" program, which stands out as an extraordinary success story of integrating ultra-Orthodox men into the IDF in technological positions.

Moshe's wife, Tzipi, eulogized: "I won't talk about our great love because it will always remain. I won't speak about your heroism. What do I have to do with heroism? My entire life, I asked for quiet, and I found it in your big heart.

20 years of marriage. You fell a hero's death. The death of people who live beyond a time and place. The physical reality was minor to you. You were a great light, and now the light has dispersed in small particles. Chani and Yehiel, thank you for giving me your son, walk with your head upright.

I promise you, my beloved children, that we will continue to live happy lives. It will hurt us a lot, but we will put things back together slowly."

Carmi, Moshe's daughter, lamented: "I appreciated your knowledge, modesty, and never-ending giving. From you, I learned not to give up. I always felt protected next to you - I felt that you radiate calm.

Abba, you left us a great void that, no matter who tries, will not be able to fill it, but we will keep going from here, knowing that that's what you want. It's difficult now, but in the end, it will be good."


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