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Noa Faraj

is dedicated to

As a resident of Tel Mond and where our start up has been founded, I wanted as CEO to link our startup to such a strong community and national value of remembrance.


Noa Faraj

Noa Faraj





Tel Mond

Circumstances of death:

Murdered at the party in Re'im

Noa Faraj was at a party in Ra'im and killed by the terrorists. Noa is a graduate of the Rabin High School and active in the Poleg Scout tribe; full of light, joy and love for people.


WINEing is a digital Direct To Consumer enabler, aiming to revolutionize the wine and alcohol buying and selling experience by combining group buying and crowdfunding. Merchants in the wine industry (wineries, retailers, websites, importers, educators etc.) lack the digital tools to leverage specific contextual situations into higher turnover, and WINEing is there to help. These can be tasting events, winery visits, special sales around holidays, future wines, pre-import, limited editions etc.

When you have:

- A gathered digital/physical audience

- High buying intent

- Good deals offered

A digital platform needs to be in place to enable higher turnovers, and this is where we come in. Our goal is to become the first global Direct-To-Group Marketplace, empowering merchants and buyers to sell and buy better, together, by changing the unit economy of wine lovers as a group.

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