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Oron Beilin

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When I was exposed to Oron's tragic death, I learned so much about him and discovered a guy full of joy, sea lover, a leader, an athlete, full of energy, loved by all and handsome boy. A charming guy inside and out. Since he is the same age as my younger son, and from this acquaintance tht reminded me my own youth I connected on a deep level to Oron and the space he left in all of our hearts.


Oron Beilin

Oron Beilin





Ramat Gan

Circumstances of death:

Murdered at the party in Re'im

Oron Beilin, 24, an only child, was buried in Kiryat Shaul in Tel Aviv
"Even in moments of fear he wrote to his mother that he was in Tel Aviv so she wouldn't worry" .
This is the fourth graduate of the Herzliya Gymnasium to die in the brutal massacre of Re'im
On Saturday morning, he still managed to tell a friend on the phone that he was hiding in the bushes and was about to run out of battery, with gunshots constantly heard in the background. His friend asked him to continue hiding until forces came to rescue him, but since that conversation contact with him has been cut off and only a few days ago his body was identified.


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