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Salman Habaka

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Habaka is a member of the Druze minority in Israel who showed, like in past wars, that the Druze are an important part of Israel. On October 7, he left his home in the north to go to Kibbutz Bari in Otef and fight against Hamas. Before entering Gaza, he sent a video-recorded message to all Israelis, urging unity with Israel and emphasizing that our strength lies in staying united. Habkah's message reflects our belief in the importance of unity for resilience and strength.


Salman Habaka

Salman Habaka




Sgan Aluf



Circumstances of death:

Fell in the battle of Gaza

Salman Habaka was an Israeli-Druze Sgan Aluf in the Israeli Defense Forces, commander of the 53rd Battalion of the 188 Barak Brigade. He hailed from the Druze village of Yanuh-Jat. During the 2023 Israel–Hamas war, he became known for his actions at Be'eri, the location of the Be'eri massacre of the 2023 Hamas attack on Israel; he was one of the first soldiers to arrive in the area as the scope of Hamas' incursion was becoming known, having traveled in two tanks with a number of his soldiers to join a paratrooper contingent already at the location. Upon the orders of Sgan Aluf Barrak Hiram, Habaka shelled houses before soldiers searched them for hostages.


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