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Shai El Knafo

is dedicated to

Everybody loved Shai. He was the funniest person I knew and one of those few that would always put a smile on your face.


Shai El Knafo

Shai El Knafo




Rav Samal


Beer Sheva

Circumstances of death:

Murdered while protecting the survivors of the Nova party.

Everybody loved Shai. He was the funniest person you could meet and one of those few who would always put a smile on your face.
Shai left behind a wife, three children, parents, and a brother.
Shai was upon the first squads called to Re'im to fight the Hamas terrorists.
Survivors of the Nova party mentioned how his actions under fire saved them, and more of them came by his parent's house to thank his family for his bravery on the 7th of October.


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