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Shir Eilat

is dedicated to

Shir Eilat, a commander, leader, and lioness, gathered her soldiers to fight and protected them at all costs. Thanks to her and her team, some terrorists will never see the light of day again. Her fighting spirit and volunteerism are the foundation on which we fight for our existence, both as a country and in any way we choose to help the country.
May your spirit be alive and burning in the hearts of all of us!


Shir Eilat

Shir Eilat






Kfar shmuel

Circumstances of death:

Fell at the battle at Nahal Oz

Shir was the commander of a platoon in the 414th Battalion of the Border Guard Corps. She was 20 years old when she fell. Shir left behind her father Doron, mother Ayelet, sisters Lior and Nir, and little nephew Imri. Additionally, many other soldiers who served under her command remember her fondly. She was a girl whose smile never left her face, characterized by a huge heart and endless generosity. Shir was smart, talented, and, above all, a rare and captivating personality. She left her mark everywhere she went—in the youth movement, in Moshav, in school, and in the army. Every time she returned home, it was with a hug, a kiss, and a direct question: "What are we doing? And how can we help?"


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