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Sivan Yanin

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We are close friend with his family


Sivan Yanin

Sivan Yanin




Rav Samal Bakhir



Circumstances of death:

Sergeant Sivan Yanin of Israel Police was murdered on duty at the party in Re'im

Sivan z"l grew up in Kibbutz Gesher as the child of Tsafra and Baruch Yanin, and sibling to Ofek, Bar, and Gani, was a devoted father to Peleg, Afik, and Nahal. Coinciding with the 30th memorial day, we welcomed his first granddaughter. A true kibbutznik in spirit, Sivan embodied the essence of simplicity and integrity. He was passionate about people, an exceptional father who deeply cherished his children. He approached life with a sense of wonder and doing justice. He had a keen interest in travel and photography, and was an enthusiast of new technologies and gadgets.
He served as a community police officer for the Bedouin sector at the Aroar station, displaying remarkable courage and intensity on the front lines of combat against the enemy in the south.



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