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Yair Nifousy

is dedicated to

Ariel Blumovich, YDLabs' CEO, resides in Adi and is a friend of the family.


Yair Nifousy

Yair Nifousy




Samal Rishon



Circumstances of death:

Critically wounded during clashes with Hamas terrorists in Gaza Strip

The son of Iris and Moshe. Born on the 19th of Kislev, 5763 (November 24, 2002), in Carmiel. A brother to Yuval, Shachar, and Yoav.

On August 12, 2021, he enlisted in the IDF and served in the Paratroopers Brigade.

Sergeant Yair Nifusi, fell in battle on the 18th of Marheshvan, (November 2, 2023). Dganit Gunan Amir and Uri Ginnat, educators at Yair's High School, eulogized him: "Yair - a modest, even shy, and very beloved young man. In his youth, he sought to embody brotherhood and kindness, family values, and goodness. He knew how to appreciate and acknowledge his friends, their skills, and achievements. A young man of groups and friends who knew how to appreciate the tradition. Yair, aspired to grow into a life of action with warmth from the heart. He wrote :'everything for the good,' and in his 12 grade certificate, the Priestly Blessing is mentioned. Yair concluded his short life as a proud, upright, and straight-looking individual. We will miss him very much."


Launched in April 2022, YDLabs is the FIRST fermentation pilot facility dedicated to foodtech and aggrotech in Israel.We are fermentation enthusiasts, specialising in process development and optimization from an idea level to 1000L scale-up. Our technical team has over 70 years of fermentation experience, specifically on Foodtech, which allows us to deal with the trickiest
projects in the best way. This focus is what makes us so good at what we do and allows us
to provide not only a comprehensive range of services but also the highest quality.

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