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Yaron Zohar

is dedicated to

The founder of Organoz knows Yaron's parents and family personally and professionally. And the founder of Organoz, also a resident of Kiryat Ata and also served in his regular service in the Golani Brigade like Yaron.


Yaron Zohar

Yaron Zohar






Kiryat ata

Circumstances of death:

Fell in the battle of Gaza

Yaron Zohar
19 year old
Was a fighter soldier in the unit of ‘Golani’, was an outstanding soldier.

Was killed from a rocket fragment after bravely fighting the Hamas terrorists on the Gaza strip in his base.

Yaron was a fighter. A real fighter. Like the ones in the movies.
Had a spirit you don’t see anywhere.
He believed in working hard, and never gave up. In fact, one of the most memorable sentences of Yaron was “The difficulty is temporary, but the pride is permanent.”
And he was really like that. He stood behind his words - believed in less talking more actions.
He was modest. The most modest a human being can be. Never liked to brag, never showed off- even in things he was more than deserved to ‘show off’ in, like the fact he was an outstanding soldier of his brigade, but still didn’t even say a word about it - we didn’t even know about it at first.
He was the kindest person, good hearted and brave. An absolute hero that anyone who knew him (even a little bit) can testify.
He loved animals and his dream was to have a dog after we lost our first dog, he had so many dreams (as traveling the world), and was always making everyone around him laugh, was such a positive person which everyone liked to be around. His spirit and smile will never be forgotten.


Organuz enters the future energy market with the first trading platform, offering a powerful solution to thousands of photovoltic systems indtalled every day. Organoz develops and provides innovative and powerful online tools including a sophisticated trading arena for the renewable energy and energy storage market players.
we make project happen by make connections, simplify processes and improve access.
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The israeli ministry of energy has invested in organuz two times (2021 & 2023).

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