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Yoseph (Yossi) Hershkovitz

is dedicated to

Our hearts are drawn to Yossi, the admired educator, to his intelligence and generosity, where in his life he combined his love for Israel and his love for people.


Yoseph (Yossi) Hershkovitz

Yoseph (Yossi) Hershkovitz




Rav Samal Mitkadem



Circumstances of death:

Fell in battle in the north Gaza

Yossi was the admired principal of Ort Pelach highschool for boys in Jerusalem, and in his falling, left behind his wife and five kids.

Yossi was an adored principal but above all, he was an educator in all his being. He led the school by ensuring the future of each of his students, helping them establish their place in the world, and always saw the good in every person. He was a man of people, filled with generosity and a love for people. Yossi believed in making the world a better place by doing good and filling it with light.

Yossi was a combination of intelligence, leadership, strength, and confidence along with a sensitivity and gentleness. His unique virtues were revealed by his love and dedication to his family, students, community, and through playing the violin.

Yossi will be missed by so many who loved and respected him, and his falling is a great loss for the nation of Israel.


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