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Yuval Zilber

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Honestly - his pictures grabbed me as he had the Nachal brigade beret, where I served as well. And after reading about him, my heart went out for him. He was an instructor in the scouts like I was, and he was socially active like me. I felt this kind of connection.


Yuval Zilber

Yuval Zilber






Ramat Gan

Circumstances of death:

Fell in a battle in north Gaza

From a story in N12 - Yuval was sharp, smart and precise, analytical and connected to the heart with huge emotion. He attended a school for the gifted, was a successful writer, was in the theater and scouts.
At the school, Yuval established a project of teaching adults, and excelled in the LEAD project - a leadership development course. Creative and valuable students who are involved in all fields of activity in Israeli society are admitted to this unique program. After graduating from high school, Yuval continued for a year of service in Beit Shean - turned a municipal store into a children's cafe.
He also excelled in the army, became an officer in the infantry, and was a platoon commander in an infantry battalion.
Yuval was on his big trip but came back and showed up in a fateful Order 8 when the war broke out.


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