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One Startup
for Every

7/10 Fallen

Continuing to Build a Better

World in Their Memory


On this website, you will find a list of Israeli early-stage startups, each one dedicated to a life lost in the 7/10 events. For every fallen soldier, for every murdered civilian, we are committed to fostering innovation and building a better world. This is who we are, the Israeli startup nation. Together, we transform pain into growth, resilience into progress, and remembrance into a legacy of hope.

The App

How It Works

Dedicating your Israeli early-stage startup to a fallen individual ,each startup has the freedom to interpret and shape it as they see fit.


Submit your early-stage startup dedication request.


Our team reviews requests and strives to match startups with fallen heroes. If your startup aligns with our concept, we'll be in touch.


Join the list of startups dedicated to a fallen individual from the Oct 7 massacre. In doing so, you will help us express the spirit of the startup nation.

Our Story

Our Story

Nine days after I lost my cousin in the tragic events of October 7, I came across a quote from Izhar Shay who lost his son on that same terrible day: "For every fallen soldier, for every murdered civilian, let’s put together a new innovative startup".


Those words resonated with my thoughts about how to navigate life after such a disaster and how it is possible to even consider continuing to develop my new startup.


I decided to dedicate my startup to the memory of my cousin. I displayed a picture of him (smiling, as he always was) beside our logo and I shared a post about it. My family was deeply touched by this gesture, work meetings began to open with Ori's story, and other startups began to inquire about dedicating their ventures to one of the Oct 7 fallen.


So together with Lior Belinsky and Karin Elimelech we decided to turn this into a national commemoration project, to create a website where every Oct 7 fallen will be displayed, alongside a new early-stage Israeli startup dedicated to their memory, as a symbol of new growth.


They will try to destroy, we will keep building.

David Chesterman 

CEO, MentMe

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